Washing instructions: How to make children's clothes last longer

How to look after your children's clothes and the environment

If you wash your fleece clothes incorrectly, they may eventually shrink or fade in colour, reducing their durability. Wash your children's clothes the right way - you'll use less energy, save the environment and your clothes will last longer

How to wash children's clothes in an environmentally responsible way

Children's clothes wear out every time you wash them. At the same time, every wash in the washing machine puts a strain on the environment. That's why there's no need to wash more than you have to.

How to remove stains from children's clothes

Are there stains on your clothes? Then of course you should wash them, but otherwise you can easily use the clothes several times before washing them. And remember that children very rarely sweat in the same way as adults, so sometimes a stain can be wiped away with a cloth.

Children's clothes that aren't dirty as such, but just need freshening up, can be aired by hanging them outside for a while.

How to wash cotton children's clothes

Children's clothes made from 100% cotton can be washed at up to 40 degrees in the washing machine, but always check the washing instructions for the garment in question, as there may be exceptions.

These styles can be tumble dried and ironed, but we always recommend air drying your children's clothes as tumble drying wears the clothes down, reducing durability.

Wash children's clothes properly

The washing instructions in your Flöss clothes will help you wash, dry and treat your clothes to make them last as long as possible. The washing instructions tell you how much the clothes can take in terms of washing temperature, drying and ironing.

The icons on the washing instructions tell you how high a temperature the clothes can withstand. But that doesn't mean you have to wash at that temperature to get your clothes clean.

Eco-conscious drying

The tumble dryer wears out your clothes and can cause them to shrink or lose their shape. It's also a burden on the environment. If you can, hang your clothes to dry instead of machine drying them.