Buy second hand for your children

Second hand clothes for kids have got a somewhat cooler vibe than when we ourselves inherited clothes from older siblings, cousins. Today, there's no shame in shopping second hand. On the contrary, it's something many of us today do with pride. For some, it has become a way of life. For others, a necessity.

Second hand: recycled clothing for children is sustainable

At Flöss, we have made second hand part of our mission to create sustainable children's clothing. With our second hand concept Flöss Preloved, we have made it possible to return your Flöss clothes to us once your child has outgrown them. We'll make sure it finds a new home with a new child, extending its lifespan. This helps to ensure that the resources we used to create the clothes in the first place are put to even better use.
Whether you call it recycled, vintage or second hand, when you buy used children's clothing you are contributing to a better and more sustainable future.

High quality second hand clothing for children

It's important to us at Flöss that the clothes we send out into the world are created in high quality, good materials so they can be passed down from child to child. For the same reason, we have chosen to design our children's clothes with a classic look and use eternal colours and patterns. In this way we ensure that the clothes can be part of several children's lives, fulfil their potential and protect the environment.

Second hand clothes for children are the eco-friendly choice

When you buy second hand, you save the environment and our planet from further waste of resources. The clothes you find on the shelves of the second-hand shop, on one of the many online portals or here with us under the name Flöss Preloved have already fulfilled the purpose for which they were created. When you buy second-hand clothes for your child, you avoid supporting the production of even more clothes and costing nature even more resources.

Here are 5 places to buy second hand for your children

Instagram - On Instagram, you'll find other parents selling off their pooch's discarded clothes. Search hashtags like #children'sclothessale and #babyclothessale to scroll through the many sale listings.

Mødrehjælpen - At Mødrehjælpen, you're not just supporting sustainability from an environmental perspective. You also support the organisation's important work to create good child and family lives.
Reshopper - The app that easily and quickly gives you an overview of who has second-hand clothes and also toys for sale in your local area. The app's features make it easy to filter in brands, sizes and colors, making it manageable to shop with other individuals who have the same recycling mindset as you.