At Flöss, we take responsibility for the products we put into the world.
Responsibility, quality and timeless design are key words that define our children's clothing.
Our clothes are child-friendly and created in neutral colours combined with classic prints.
We only work with certified qualities and suppliers that ensure decent working conditions for both the planet and those who make the clothes.
At Flöss we work according to 3 principles:

1. Social Responsibility & Environment

Flöss' collections are produced with respect for the design, the environment, the working conditions, and especially the people involved in these stages. Our factories are certified according to international standards and with high standards for both social and working conditions. We use certified cotton and work exclusively with certified suppliers. In this way, we ensure that there are both proper working conditions, and responsibility for the environment.

2. Materials

Flöss uses only certified organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, synthetic fertilizers or other chemical additives, and is therefore both gentle on the skin, and nature.

3. Design

At flöss, we strive for our clothes to be timeless and long-lasting, to the point where they are still both current and innovative. At Flöss you will find Scandinavian aesthetics adapted to a child's life. Clothes for children should be functional, gentle on the body and nature, and not least fun to wear.