How to shop for sustainable children's clothing

Creating sustainable children's clothing is the purpose of Flöss. Sustainability is the vision of our work and the goal we have when creating clothes for the little people who will grow up on this planet.

Shopping sustainably can be a jungle. That's why we've put together this guide for those who want to get better at buying sustainable children's clothes. Maybe, like us, you have a hope for a bright future for both our children and the planet we live on. Find answers to your sustainability questions on this site.

What does sustainable mean?

Something is sustainable when there is a balance in our use of the Earth's resources. It's about not using too much and protecting what we have so we don't destroy our own livelihoods. Sustainability can mean many things: Animal welfare, ecology, a reduced carbon footprint and decent working conditions, among others.

At Flöss, we work with sustainability in several ways. All our products are in certified and organic qualities.

Why choose sustainable children's clothing?

For us at Flöss, it goes without saying: We have chosen to create sustainable children's clothing to take care of our children and our planet. You can choose to buy sustainable for your children - or for that matter for yourself - because you have a hope for a future with less pollution and decent working conditions for those who process the materials before they become clothes in your child's wardrobe.

Benefits of sustainable children's clothing

The benefits of sustainable children's clothing are many and vary depending on the certifications of the clothes you buy. There are a multitude of certifications with associated labels. They all hold a promise of sustainability.

For example, the OEKO-TEX label guarantees that clothes are produced sustainably by reducing the use of water, energy and chemicals. Fairtrade labelled cotton ensures that farmers get a fair price for their materials, protects their health and safety and supports efficient water use. While a GOTS certification guarantees textiles made from organic fibres.

You can also choose to shop for children's clothing second hand. Even if the clothes you buy second-hand don't necessarily have a certification, you're contributing to a sustainable future by giving them a longer life and making better use of our common resources.

Are organic children's clothes sustainable?

If your children's clothes have one of the many eco-certifications, you can be sure that the environment has been taken into account during production. It's one leg of the sustainability equation. It doesn't necessarily mean that the people who worked in the cotton fields or the sewers who sat at the sewing machines to make the clothes have been taken into account.

At Flöss, we have made a responsible choice by producing children's clothing with certifications that place strict requirements on all parts of the production process.